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Choose the best free social media platform for your business

Social media is an effective marketing tool that can help businesses of all sizes reach new customers and engage more effectively with existing ones. A few of the most popular platforms include Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Social networking sites are visited by millions of people every day. On these sites, they are able to connect with friends and family members as well as share information about things that matter to them. This can include both current events and different business offerings like weekly sales or upcoming company events.

Do I need a website for my Facebook and Instagram business Page?

You don't need a website to create a Facebook business Page or an Instagram business profile - and that's where a lot of people are going wrong. Like many, you might think that only websites are suitable for certain types of businesses; but what if your business takes place on social media platforms like these? Eventually, all potential leads have to be connected somehow and that is when they start their journey towards becoming loyal customers making repeat purchases. Of course, there are other ways of promoting and connecting with current customers, but none are as cost-effective as social media! For all their benefits, Facebook and Instagram are free ways to practice entrepreneurship and social marketing even if you do not own a good business website. Your Facebook page, just like your Instagram business profile, is a great way to establish a presence on the web without having to spend money promoting it.

Are Facebook and Instagram worth it now?

By the logic that it's stronger than ever before, social media is a powerful tool to connect with your customer base, promote your business and company, build your brand, and to connect with your target audience. It's no longer limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Besides free platforms, there are many other options out there like Google+ or Tumblr. An added benefit of most social media sites is that you can use them to not only connect with customers but improve your communication by informing them of new services or product releases as well as offering specials ​

What are the differences between the two?


On Facebook, you can share both long and short content related to your brand. Have a dialog with your customer base through Messenger, creating a private space where they can ask questions and discuss common topics. Establish public or private groups on Facebook where your community can have access to exciting content related to your services or products.

  • Share posts, stories, live sessions, and reels.

  • Create events for your business marketing efforts

  • Communicate using Messenger.

  • Create groups and build community


You can communicate with Instagram users by Interacting with customers by posting photos and videos of your products, which can be edited using the in-app editing tools. Share interactive stories in the feed with real-time updates to customers. Read and respond to private messages from them directly from within the application itself! Instagram lets its users engage directly with your content by only showing what they need to see.

  • Share posts of videos and image

  • Engage your audience with your reels, stories, and live sessions

  • Communicate to your audience using Direct Messaging.

What is the best platform for my business?

Both are good platforms for all businesses but you need to understand that it will depend on your marketing goals. ( Check the SMART goals posts CLICK HERE ). Here are some examples based on our experience.

A Restaurant Business uses the Facebook Page to provide basic information such as location, hours of operation, and events and a Group page for its local customers where they can post special discounts for them to avail. Then the same restaurant uses their Instagram to post their food menu, Individual pictures of their food, pictures from their loyal, and direct messages to customers who are looking for an event place or caterers.

A Clothing line apparel uses the Facebook page to provide their contact information, warehouse address, store address, hours of operation, and a Group Page to give perks to their regular customers. They utilize Facebook Catalogs for their product variation and use the marketplace to list their products. They utilize Instagram Page for product showcases and hire influences to gain more reach on their clothing lines.

An e-commerce dropshipping business that uses a Facebook Page to legitimize their business by providing basic information, location, hours of operation, and store address. Here they provide video and photo reviews of the product to their customers. Uses marketplace and catalogs as an online selling channel. They use their Instagram Page to show product images and videos. And uses reels and stories to reach more customers.

Our thoughts

Today, consumers often actively engage with a brand before they make a purchase decision. Therefore, it is of extreme importance when choosing how to promote your business online to consider where your target audience takes part in social discussion and self-publishes original content. There are quite a few options available that offer varying levels of accessibility and features so you may want to make sure you choose the most suitable option for reaching your specific target audience.


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