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Understanding Facebook and Instagram Ads for 2022

Facebook and Instagram ads reach more than two billion people. It’s no wonder that over half of Facebook advertisers plan on increasing their spending by 2022. More spending is not the only way to improve your advertising ROI.

Here are some of my knowledge that I will share and a few other tips that may help you improve your ad performance in the coming years.

Define your Goals - Defining your goals is important if you want a successful ad campaign. You need to know who you're trying to reach. You need to ask yourself "who am I trying to reach?" depending on your ad objective the result will vary. You need to understand that your ad objective controls where your ad appears, what it looks like, and what it says. There are six types of objectives you can choose from:

  • Page Likes

  • Send people to your website

  • Video Views

  • App Installs

  • Mobile App Engagement

  • Video Engagement

  • Promoted Posts

Before you start creating ads, ask yourself what you want to accomplish, who you want to reach, and how much you're willing to spend. Once you know your goals, you'll be able to create ads that help you achieve them!

Define your Audience - No matter which platform you're using, advertising involves reaching out to target markets, or audiences. The more specific you can make these audiences, the more you can tailor your ads to speak to people who will respond the best. Your return on investment depends on how many conversions you can get out of your ad spend. Creating a buyer's persona is one of the best approaches. To help you make the right decisions, there are a few goals you should have in mind before you decide what kinds of ads to create.

  1. Keywords - understand the best word or phrase used by your product and service. You can use the Google ads keyword planner to check the most valued keywords that you can use.

  2. Content - According to a report by META (Facebook), more than 50% of users say they trust social media ads. This is why it has been found that Instagram ad campaigns have a considerably higher conversion rate than Facebook or Twitter. It is usually suggested to keep your image and copy simple and concise. Try to keep the message short and simple. Say your product or service is offering a money-back guarantee. Try to shorten your headline and the ad text. Bring more clarity to the goal of the product or service in the ad text. Make it short, crisp, and interesting for the users.

Refining and Retargetting - Marketing Agencies understand that it will take at least 3 months to see any significant results. With that understanding, the refining of target and content is something they usually do. Using the current 2022 updates of Facebook and Instagram Ads that let you put up 5 different content text, images, videos, and automated ads which you let an A. I decide your best campaign text or images. And then creating a retargeting audience using Events manager. You can check this article about the Events manager.

  1. Refining your ad by adjusting budget bids or adding new text or media files to it based on the results of the ads. This is something you may need to do once every 3 days or 7 days of your 3 months campaign. Check this article about Stages of Advertisement.

  2. Retargetting your audience is something you need to do after 3 months of your campaign. This is creating an ad with the same product but with a different offer or a different approach. Most of the time this step is always forgotten by advertisers but agencies understand that retargeting an audience using the same campaign will generate more conversions than a regular advertisement.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Facebook and Instagram ads are some of the most popular ways for businesses to advertise. Unlike traditional banner ads, Facebook and Instagram ads are more interactive and engaging. With the use of different ads to appeal to a variety of users, business owners and marketers can reach an audience they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

The goal of any business is to increase revenue and expand its customer base. By using Facebook and Instagram ads to advertise your products, you are reaching a larger audience and gaining new customers. While there are plenty of other benefits to using Facebook and Instagram ads, these are the top two reasons why businesses should be advertising with these social media platforms.

We hope you can use the information from our blog to help you improve your ad performance in the coming years. If you'd like to speak with us about advanced Facebook advertising techniques, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!


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